Winnetka, Northfield Schools Rank Top in State

New Trier High School ranked among top 10 high schools in the state. Five Winnetka schools and two Northfield schools were ranked among top 50 in the State.

Winnetka and Northfield schools are some of the best in Illinois and Chicagoland, according to a pair of recent Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times rankings.

Local schools that made the "top 50" lists include New Trier High School, Greeley Elementary School, Middlefork Primary School, Crow Island Elementary School, The Skokie School, Carleton Washburne School, and Sunset Ridge School.

The two publications used different methods to determine school rankings.

The Tribune chose the top 50 high schools and grade schools in Chicagoland based on the percentage of students that met or exceeded state standards on the 2012 Illinois State Achievement Test (for third through eight grade students) and the Prairie State Achievement Examination (for high school students).

The Sun-Times rankings, on the other hand, used these same tests results but based their rankings on standardized average school test scores.


Tribune Chicagoland rankings (percentage of students meeting or exceeding state standards)

Sun-Times Illinois rankings (standardized average percentile)

New Trier

6th (89.5 percent)

  • 4th in Chicago area and Statewide rankings
  • (84.815 percentile)

Carleton Washburne School


  • 30th in Chicago area rankings
  • 33rd in Statewide rankings
  • (78.887 percentile)

Sunset Ridge School


  • 31st in Chicago area rankings
  • 34th in Statewide rankings
  • (78.669 percentile)

Greeley Elementary School

14th (99.4 percent)

  • 48th in Chicago area rankings
  • 51st in Statewide rankings
  • (80.234 percentile)

Middlefork Primary School

17th (99 percent)


Crow Island Elementary School

18th (99 percent)


The Skokie School

35th (98 percent)


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Winnetka November 05, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Isn't anyone interested in the schools that "beat" or ranked ahead of the district 36 schools? Based on the very high salaries paid to teachers, staff, admins and superintendents, shouldn't D36 schools rank w/in the top 5-10? What happened to "Sustaining Excellence"...that get out the vote campaign so that a $74 million dollar school funding referendum would be enacted and was. The rankings for D36 schools are far from what many w/in the community would deem excellent...more like mediocre. Consider the better deal you might get in terms of tax dollar value to school rank ratio w/ some of the other districts' schools: Avoca, Sears, Middlefork, Greenbrier... What's going on in D36 still doesn't add up. Salaries are up, test scores are not.


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