Westwood College Being Sued By State

Attorney General Lisa Madigan's suit accuses college of misleading students.


The Illinois attorney general's office filed suit Wednesday against , according to Chicago Tribune, for misleading students in its criminal justice program and saddling them with debt for a degree that, in many cases, can't get them a job. 

Westwood College has four campuses in Illinois, including one at Cumberland and Higgins on the Park Ridge-Chicago border. It's close to Niles and Des Plaines and, because it sits almost at the entrance to the Cumberland Station on the CTA Blue Line, many local residents may pass it frequently.

The lawsuit follows more than 100 students complaints against the college, according to the AP

Complaints of the for-profit college's criminal justice program include, "poor job-placement rates, high-pressure sales tactics, low graduation rates, excessive profit margins and the burdening of students with crushing debt," according to the Trib

Students can't find jobs because Westwood's criminal justice program is nationally accredited, not regionally accredited, according to a draft of the suit, which means the degree is not recognized by law enforcement employers like the Chicago Police Department, the Illinois State Guard and many suburban police departments. 

Another issue? The cost of the degree, according to the suit. Total tuition for a law enforcement degree at Westwood is $71,610, compared with $12,672 at the regionally-accredited College of DuPage. 

A Westwood spokesman told the Tribune the college was cooperating with the attorney general's office to resolve any issues. Westwood also requires students to initial a policy stating the program is nationally, not regionally, accredited. 

The suit seeks to "revoke, forfeit, or suspend" Westwood's criminal justice program and "assess a civil penalty of $50,000 per violation of the state's Consumer Fraud Act," according to the Tribune. 

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Gavin Gast March 12, 2013 at 03:37 AM
My name is Gavin I would also like to get involved in the lawsuit as well westwood claims I ow them 9,000$ and sold my loan to the eos cca, they took my taxes my email is gavin.gast@yahoo.com Thank you Gavin Gast.
Megan April 26, 2013 at 01:39 PM
I asked lots of questions when registering they even went on to tell me I didn't qualify for financial aid. I just do happen to call financial aid one day while I was working on my degree at Westwood and found out it wasn't me who didn't qualify for financial aid its the school. What a rip off and no credits transfer so I have a useless piece of paper worth 10,000 dollars . If someone can help me please tell me how to file a lawsuit against them. Jewely40@gmail.com
Blogger Babe July 23, 2013 at 07:38 PM
I attended Westwood College of O'Hare and graduated August/2012 in business. I attended this school so I can better my future but instead I put myself in a debt $70k. I haven't found NO Job yet and its been almost a year of being unemployed. The school has not promised what they promised me that they would help me find a job in my field, that has NOT happened. This school is a complete joke and scam. I don't know what to do, my only option is to file a lawsuit against them. This is not fair, I have wasted three years in this crap shack and wasted my time thinking I would be working in my field by now. But no, I'm stressed and depressed and angry. This "so called college" should be under investigation. At this point I don't even want there fake degree.
ALONSO MATA September 10, 2013 at 03:42 PM
my name is alonso mata i was a victim too over $20,000 can you add me to the lawsuit alonsomata2005@yahoo.com thanks


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