District 207 Students’ Class Rank Eliminated after Board’s Back-and-Forth

Board stopped ranking last year, then reinstituted it.

For the second time in less than a year District 207’s board of education voted, 5-2, to eliminate class ranks for students at its meeting on Monday, TribLocal reported.

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District 207 has been considering eliminating class ranks for more than a year, following some suburban districts that have already made the change, including New Trier High School District 203, Stevenson High School District 125 and Glenbrook High School District 225.


Barbara Dill-Varga, assistant superintendent for curriculum, said cutting class rank from student transcripts would reduce the emphasis on very small differences in grade point averages. It would also reduce the advantage of students coming from less competitive high schools, discourage competition between students and make students more likely to choose classes based on their interests instead of their effect on class rank.

The board voted to eliminate class ranks, but retain an exception for students to request the information, .

The district reversed the decision after the opt-in exception created inconsistency in college application requirements for some students, .

The board discussed eliminating the ranking again in December. , 68 percent of the votes were in favor of the practice.

District 207 includes Maine South High School in Park Ridge, Maine East High School in Niles and .

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