Crowd Packs D-207 Board Meeting About Coaches in Hazing Investigation

Current and former Maine West High School students spoke in support of two teachers on paid leave, pending the results of D-207’s investigation into bullying and hazing allegations.

Hundreds of community members filled the Maine Township High School District 207 boardroom in Park Ridge Wednesday as the school board met to discuss personnel matters related to the bullying and hazing investigation at Maine West High School in Des Plaines.

Approximately a dozen current and former Maine West students, and one parent, addressed board members in support of Michael Divincenzo and Emilio Rodriguez, both teachers and coaches at the Des Plaines high school.

A 2012 Maine West alum who spoke to the board on Wednesday night, Tait Jensen, said he played soccer under the supervision of Coaches Divincenzo and Rodriguez for three years.

Jensen said the environment the two coaches promoted was one of respect, and they would not condone the bullying and hazing acts described in the lawsuit filed by four parents of current and former Maine West students.

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George K. December 20, 2012 at 09:05 PM
It is a shame that there is such blind faith. Did these kids and parents read the text messages about kids complaining of being depants? Is this normal behavior for kids to do this? The principal, and both coaches responded to these texts yet nothing really happened. The bottom line is that those in these positions of authority have to do more to protect our children, then just ask the kid if he is okay with being depants and having kids run their hands inbetween their butt checks. It really is a sad day to see these kids support those that were suppose to protect ALL kids. Shame on all of them supporting those that let this garbage happen. I will be very surprised if the principal is not fired as well. Just ridiculous and even the radio shows talking about this have pointed out how DUMB these kids are.....


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