Walsten on Ballot, Sarlo Objection Cont. by Electoral Board

The Des Plaines Electoral Board reviewed two petition objections on Thursday and dismissed one.

Sixth Ward Alderman Mark Walsten’s name will appear on the ballot for mayor of Des Plaines in April, after all. A motion to dismiss an objection to Walsten’s petition signatures filed by Carl Mauter-Hollenbeck on Jan. 3 was made a Des Plaines Electoral Board meeting on Jan. 24.

The Cook County Clerk’s Office performed a records check, said Gloria Ludwig, Des Plaines City Clerk and member of the Electoral Board, and found that more than the minimum number of required signatures were submitted, and his name would appear on the ballot. The minimum number of signatures required was 480, and Walsten submitted 586, Ludwig said.

Walsten has previously stated be believes Third Ward Alderman Matt Bogusz’ mayoral campaign was behind the objection.

In a statement, Walsten stated, in part:

“Of course I am happy that the Bogusz organization wisely withdrew their objections to my petition. Obviously they realized their objections were frivolous and that they had no chance of throwing me off the ballot for Mayor of Des Plaines.  The objections were simply harassment and the hearings were a waste of taxpayer money.”

Bogusz did not confirm or deny his campaign’s involvement in Walten’s petition objection.

“Our campaign has been busy meeting voters and knocking on doors,” Bogusz said. “We submitted an accurate petition and our time has been spent meeting voters.”

In addition to Ludwig, acting Mayor and Eighth Ward Alderman Michael Charewicz and Fourth Ward Alderman Dick Sayad also sit on the Des Plaines Electoral Board.

The objection to Walsten’s petition signatures was one of two reviewed by the Electoral Board. In the second, Brian Burkross filed an objection to petition signatures filed by Fifth Ward aldermanic candidate Gregory M. Sarlo.

Sarlo and Burkross exchanged information on Thursday and will make presentations to the Electoral Board at the next meeting on Jan. 28, Ludwig said.


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