Revenue Up, Attendance Down at Rivers Casino in January

Rivers Casino has led Illinois casinos in adjusted gross receipts during every full month of operation since it opened at the end of the summer in 2011.

Rivers Casino reported the least number of admissions during a full month of operation in January since opening in 2011. The Des Plaines casino was visited by 286,077 people during the first month of the new year, according to a monthly report posted on the Illinois Gaming Board’s website.

In all but two other months since opening, the state’s 10th casino reported more than 300,000 people going through its turnstiles. In January 2012, 291,527 people visited the casino, according to a report from the Illinois Gaming Board.

While admissions were lower, revenue was higher compared with the same time last year. In January 2013, $32,358,000 in adjusted gross receipts was reported, compared with January 2012, when $30,307,000 in adjusted gross receipts was generated.

Rivers Casino, 3000 S. River Road, has led Illinois casinos in adjusted gross receipts during every full month of operation since it opened at the end of the summer in 2011. Below is a list of Rivers Casino’s monthly receipts, admissions and average revenue per patron, based on information from reports published by the Illinois Gaming Board.

Rivers Casino was the state’s top-grossing casino in 2012, according to data from the Illinois Gaming Board, and reversed Illinois’ decline in gaming income.

Des Plaines receives a percentage of gaming tax revenue each month, and $1 per admission, paid to the city each quarter. As part of a revenue sharing agreement, Des Plaines pays $10 million to the state each year, and splits 40 percent of the remaining revenue among 10 other suburban communities.

The City of Des Plaines received approximately $24.8 million in gaming tax revenue and admissions tax in 2012, said Dorothy Wisniewski, director of finance for the city. After $10 million was paid to Illinois and 40 percent of the remainder, approximately $5.9 million, was shared with the 10 other communities, Des Plaines was left with approximately $8.9 million, she said.

Des Plaines city council agreed to spend gaming tax revenue from Rivers Casino on infrastructure and debt service at a meeting in June 2012.

Illinois State Representative of the 55th District and former Mayor of Des Plaines Marty Moylan introduced a bill last week that would prevent any new casino from opening within 20 miles of Des Plaines, including in Chicago, Journal and Topics Newspapers reported.

Governor Pat Quinn vetoed the last gaming expansion bill to reach his desk in August 2012.

Casino Month Adjusted Gross Receipts Per Month Adjusted Gross Revenue Per Rivers Casino Patron Admissions Rivers Casino, 3000 S. River Road in Des Plaines, IL Jan-13 $32,358,000 $113 286,077 Rivers Casino Dec-12 $34,984,000 $105 322,211 Rivers Casino Nov-12 $29,466,000.00 $96 306,725 Rivers Casino Oct-12 $33,271,000 $99 337,066 Rivers Casino Sep-12 $40,356,000 $118 340,821 Rivers Casino Aug-12 $26,414,000 $73 359,530 Rivers Casino Jul-12 $36,111,000 $102 354,037 Rivers Casino Jun-12 $42,545,000 $131 325,115 Rivers Casino May-12 $35,277,000 $105 335,875 Rivers Casino Apr-12 $35,579,000 $110 322,098 Rivers Casino Mar-12 $34,828,000 $102 339,911 Rivers Casino Feb-12 $37,537,000 $112 333,572 Rivers Casino Jan-12 $30,307,000 $104 291,527 Rivers Casino Dec-11 $32,998,000 $107 308,767 Rivers Casino Nov-11 $32,039,000 $108 296,751 Rivers Casino Oct-11 $30,694,000 $96 318,178 Rivers Casino Sep-11 $30,149,000 $89 337,216 Rivers Casino Aug-11 $34,116,000 $82 414,257 Rivers Casino July, from the 15th, 2011 $17,477,000 $65 270,756


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