Residents Ask For Support In Saying "No" To Proposed T-Mobile Cell Phone Tower

Matter will be up for debate at tonight's City Council meeting.


The wired generation – should we be concerned? We are facing a serious threat, and with time, it will challenge our health and our future. It is no secret that the public is increasingly concerned about exposure. There is mounting evidence that Wi-Fi and cellular technologies are posing serious health threats that every parent should know about. WHY?


Mounting scientific and medical evidence points to the invisible danger posed by wireless radio high frequency signals as well as cell phones. Unsafe for you, your family? At home, at school, at work? The impact on one’s health is real and is manifested as headaches, eye strain, a feeling that something is in your eyes, dizziness, and increased heart rate. Symptoms can appear anywhere given the volume of cell towers now in place in our communities.

DES PLAINES proposes another cell phone tower against community. COMMUNITY SAYS NO – CITY SAYS YES – WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT – JUST SAY NO! 

Find out about cell tower health risks.

WHEN: August 1 – 7 p.m.

WHERE: Des Plaines City Hall Chambers 1420 Miner St.

This post was submitted to Des Plaines Patch by Cynthia L. Morgan.

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