Lottery Settles Order of Names on April Ballot

For those candidates who filed nominating petitions at the same time on Dec. 17, a lottery was completed at the Des Plaines City Clerk’s office to approve the order in which they will appear on ballots in April.

Per election rules, a lottery was held for candidates who filed nominating petitions at the same time to determine the order in which names will appear on voting ballots in the Consolidated Election in April, the clerk’s office stated on Friday.

The lottery was done in the Des Plaines City Clerk’s Office on Jan. 4, and resulted in the following order for the offices of mayor and first, third and fifth ward aldermen.


• Mark Walsten

• Matthew J. Bogusz

• Anthony "Tony" Arredia

First Ward Alderman:

• Patricia Haugeberg

• Robert S. Giurato

Third Ward Alderman:

• Denise Rodd

• Patricia K. Beauvais

Fifth Ward Alderman:

• Gregory M. Sarlo

• James Brookman

Click here for a list of all candidates running for office in Des Plaines in 2013. 

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