Limit on Des Plaines Dogs Could Increase from 3 to 4

Des Plaines City Council voted in favor of increasing the number of dogs allowed at a detached single-family residence from three to four at a meeting on Nov. 19. The change in law will be voted on again at the meeting on Dec. 3.

Des Plaines City Council voted in favor, 8-0, of increasing the number of dogs allowed at a detached single-family residence from three to four at a meeting on Nov. 19. The ordinance change will go before the city council in a second reading at the meeting on Dec. 3.

The ordinance currently states the limit on dogs per household is three, which includes multi-family dwellings, First Ward Alderman Patricia Haugeberg said. Some condo buildings follow that rule, she said.

Haugeberg said other communities in the area have ordinances that address pet limits at multi-family residences. She said to increase the number of dogs in a condo from three to four would be extreme.

“As with other ordinances, it needs some fine tuning,” Haugeberg said.

Second Ward Alderman John Robinson said the ordinance had other problems with it, but the only thing that should change in this case was the limit of dogs in detached, single-family residences.

“Down the road I think the whole ordinance should come up for review, but because the demands are the asking of some of the residents to change the residential from three to four, that’s all that we’re reviewing tonight,” Robinson said.

After asking for clarification from aldermen about the amendment they sought for the ordinance, Michael Bartholomew, city manager, repeated their request.

“We’ll prepare an ordinance as amended for the next reading to keep it at three except for in single-family detached houses it could be four, and then we’ll revisit the entire ordinance at a subsequent time,” Bartholomew said.

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Mary Beth November 20, 2012 at 05:09 PM
This is wonderful news. As an animal advocate, I am delighted to learn that Des Plaines is pet friendly. With the ever increasing numbers of dogs (and cats) relinquished to overflowing animal shelters & rescues, and millions of healthy, adoptable pets euthanized yearly for lack of loving homes, this is a positive step. As long as owners are responsible, providing adequate food, shelter, vet care, spay/neuter to prevent unwanted litters, along with proper socialization, and not leaving dogs unattended outside where they can become a nuisance to neighbors, owning or fostering multiple dogs can alleviate shelter overcrowding and provide many dogs with permanent loving homes. The benefits to growing up with a dog(s), along with the health benefits of owning a pet are many. Good job!


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