Letter to The Editor: Senate Bill 622

Third Ward Alderman Matt Bogusz wrote a letter to the editor about pending legislation for the state of Illinois.

The following letter to the editor was submitted by Matt Bogusz, Third Ward Alderman and candidate for mayor on April 9. Letters express the views of the author; Patch merely serves as a forum for readers to state their opinions.

Dear neighbors,

The Illinois House of Representatives is poised to take final action on Senate Bill 622 as early as next week.

If passed, SB622 would divert $6.6 million from the Local Government Tax Fund (this fund has been called a number of things, including the Local Government Distributative Fund or LGDF) to cover a shortfall in the Illinois State Medical Disciplinary Fund. In other words, instead of allowing local sales tax revenue to go back to the cities that generate it, the State of Illinois is diverting funds to fix their own budget issues. 

This bill represents a dangerous and constant threat to local government revenue. (see the video with this post for some history on the issue) The City of Des Plaines generates sales tax revenue and it should be spent on streets, sewers, and sidewalks right here in Des Plaines. The State should not use our local revenue to mend their budget. 

I have continued to fight to protect local government revenue from the State. The alternative is just not acceptable - we will not raise local taxes to pay for the State's budget problems.   

This issue continues to surface in Springfield.

- Matt Bogusz, Third Ward Alderman


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