GOP Outraged Mulligan Endorsed A Democrat

State Rep. Rosemary Mulligan should step down from position as Maine Township Republican Committeeman, Cook County GOP says. However, Mulligan earlier charged the party did not support her candidacy.


The Cook County Republican Party released the following italicized information Wednesday evening.

Earlier this year, the party did not support Mulligan's bid , she said. While she was reeling from the death of a close friend, she relied on the Illinois GOP to circulate and finalize her candidate petitions, and they intentionally did not do so adequately, she charged, because of political differences.

Wednesday's statement from the Cook County Republican Party reads: 

Today Cook County Republican Party Chairman Aaron Del Mar called on Rosemary Mulligan to resign as Maine Township Republican Committeeman in light of her public support for Democrat Marty Moylan in the seat she previously held before losing in the primary.

Mulligan sent a letter this week to voters in the 55th House District supporting Democrat Marty Moylan over Republican Susan Sweeney, an action Chairman Del Mar and the Cook County Republican Party consider to be entirely inappropriate. This is on the heels of a letter Mulligan sent to voters in the 52nd District several weeks ago supporting “Independent” Dee Beaubien over Republican David McSweeney.

 “I cannot condemn Mulligan for supporting the candidate of her choice, though I strongly believe she’s backed the wrong candidate as Susan Sweeney will make an excellent State Representative and will fight to bring fiscal sanity back to our great state,” explained Chairman Del Mar. “However, if you are elected as Republican Committeeman you have a duty to coordinate the efforts of the Republican Party in your Township, regardless of your personal feelings. Committeeman Mulligan’s action not only stands as gross dereliction of duty, but it calls into question her party allegiance. If she will not perform the duties her office requires and support the candidates the Republican voters in her township have chosen, then she owes it to the voters in her township to step down so that she can be replaced with someone who will work to get Republican candidates elected.”



Mary Beth October 29, 2012 at 03:28 AM
Mean spirited campaign, name calling, lies, no understanding of the issues... Hmmm, sounds like trouble in Republican paradise. Now where have we seen this before? We support Marty Moylan all the way!
Kirk October 30, 2012 at 05:04 PM
I've never known a politician more interested in his community than Marty. As bout our alderman and then as our mayor, he has conducted himself honorably and with the best interests of the community at large. He has sponsored and participated in all sorts of events meant to bring us together as a community and when push comes to shove he has been there rolling up his sleeves. Whether it was flooding or downed branches and prolinged power failures he has acted responsibly. He knows our community well and rides through it on his bike quite frequently making sure to take note of things that need to get done. He did this first in his/our ward and then throughout the City. Gee, I wonder why Rosemary Mulligan would endorse him?
Mr Calvert November 02, 2012 at 04:46 PM
Your statements regarding Sweeney are purely concocted LIES, typical operating procedures of all of you Dummycrats hacks. Moylan and the Dummcrats chose to make this a very dirty campaign. Not only has he received over $200,000 from Madigan, but Moylan is following lock step with the Democratic Machine that Daley dominated and ruined our state. These dopes chose to make this a pro-choice or pro-life issue. Just wait and see power of the voters choose life will do to Moylan, Madigan and the machine.
William K November 05, 2012 at 04:24 PM
Calvert claims that my statements are lies? Your Sweeney campaign runs on the same losing strategy as Obama. There is no lie when I state 1) Susan Sweeney does not live in the district. 2) She has never raised a dime for the local GOP nor volunteered as a precinct captain in the area. 3) More than 98% of Susan Sweeney's money comes from out of the district (your campaign filed this info with the State Board of Elections). 4) The current Maine Township Republican Committeeman endorsed Susan Sweeney's opponent. In fact, this is not about Rosemary Mulligan, because the previous Maine Township Republican Committeeman have not endorsed her either. 5) The Republicans elected to serve as officials for Maine Township have not endorsed Susan Sweeney. 6) She is a self-proclaimed community activist of what? 7) Susan Sweeney is a mean-spirited individual. Her campaign rhetoric reflects her true personality which can't be trusted. 8) She is too extreme for the district. 9) Read NoSweeney.com for more facts. 10) No one likes to elect someone with absolutely no experience, no background and no community involvement.
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