Des Plaines Mayor Marty Moylan Resigns

Moylan, elected to represent the 55th Illinois House District on Nov. 6, resigned as mayor of Des Plaines on Dec. 31.

Des Plaines Mayor Marty Moylan, elected to represent the 55th Illinois House District on Nov. 6, resigned as mayor of Des Plaines at a special mayoral announcment and city council meeting scheduled Dec. 31, though the public meeting did not take place due a majority of aldermen not in attendance.

Moylan has been recovering from knee-replacement surgery, and Seventh Ward Alderman Dan Wilson served as a temporary mayor, called a mayor pro tem, to run the last city council meeting.

Also on the agenda for the meeting was to consider selecting an acting mayor, a temporary mayor who would serve until a new mayor is sworn in following the Consolidated Election in April.

A quorum of aldermen were not in attendance to call a meeting to discuss the selection of an acting mayor.

Three city council members — Moylan, Second Ward Alderman John Robinson and Third Ward Alderman Matt Bogusz — were in attendance, two short of the majority of five of nine needed to establish a quorum to discuss selecting an acting mayor at the public meeting.

Moylan said Alderman Wilson may have been detained at the airport, and he gave his resignation announcement some time after the scheduled 6 p.m. beginning, waiting for more aldermen to arrive.

When asked if he was concerned about more aldermen not being in attendance, Moylan said that was their choice.

“That’s up to them, but the main thing was for me to resign tonight,” Moylan said.

Moylan previously said that since he was elected to the Illinois legislature he would step down as mayor sometime in December.

Three candidates for mayor have announced their campaigns: former mayor of Des Plaines Tony Arredia, Third Ward Alderman Matt Bogusz and Sixth Ward Alderman Mark Walsten.

Moylan announced his endorsement of Bogusz’s candidacy at a fundraising event for the mayoral candidate on Dec. 5.

“My term as mayor has taught me many things and our city has grown in many ways,” Moylan said. “One thing I know, one thing I knew when I entered the political arena and something that, as a leader, I am reminded of everyday, is that the beauty of Des Plaines is in its residents. You, the people, make this community strong. You make our city a fine place to grow up in, to raise a family in and to mature in. As I resign this evening, I encourage everyone to get involved, stay informed and take part in local events. Local government is for you, and, believe me, you can make a difference.”

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