Bid for City Hall Plumbing Project Approved, Rejected

Officials say the project has changed, and should go through bidding process again.

was rejected, 5-3, at the meeting on Monday.

Tim Oakley, director of public works and engineering, said because the scope of the project changed, bids should be rejected and a new round of bids should begin later this month.

Second Ward Alderman John Robinson, Fourth Ward Alderman Dick Sayad and Sixth Ward Alderman Mark Walsten voted against the measure. Walsten said it was not fair to the bidder to make that information public, then reject the bid.

“It is unfair that the bidders had to show their cards,” Walsten said.

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, submitted the lowest responsible bid to replace galvanized steel plumbing throughout city hall, according to city officials. First Ward Alderman Patricia Haugeberg, Fifth Ward Alderman James Brookman and Eighth Ward Alderman Michael Charewicz voted against approving the bid in May.

Aldermen Haugeberg and Brookman said complaints from residents prompted them to vote against it.


In May, Tim Ridder, assistant director of public works and engineering, said .

Oakley said less piping and fewer renovations were needed.

The original project, estimated to cost about $200,000, is now estimated to cost about $175,000.

Oakley said the renovation work to be done in conjunction with the plumbing repairs wasn’t as extensive as originally thought and Bishop Plumbing’s reputation had nothing to do with the decision.

“We want to rebid to clarify the extent of work,” Oakley said.

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