Aldermanic Candidate Struck from Ballot in Des Plaines

The Des Plaines Electoral Board found that Gregory Sarlo, candidate for the Fifth Ward, did not have enough valid signatures in his petition in order to be included on the ballot in the consolidated election in April.

An objection to a candidate's petition to run for Des Plaines alderman was found to be valid by the Des Plaines Electoral Board on Monday. Gregory Sarlo’s name will not appear on the ballot as a candidate to represent the Fifth Ward of Des Plaines in the consolidated election in April unless he successfully appeals the board’s ruling.

Sarlo needed a minimum of 60 signatures to qualify. Of the 72 signatures he filed with his petition, the electoral board found 19 to be invalid, according to the board’s findings, which meant he had seven less than the minimum required.

Brian Burkross, a Des Plaines resident, filed the objection to Sarlo’s petition.

The Cook County Clerk’s Office reviewed the signatures and declared four to be invalid due to there being no voter registered at the given address, according to the electoral board’s decision. The board also stated, five signatures were determined to be invalid, according to the Cook County Clerk’s Office, due to the signatures not matching the signatures on official registration records.

Click on the PDF with this post to read the complete decision filed by the Des Plaines Electoral Board regarding Burkross’ objection to Sarlo’s petition.

Fifth Ward Alderman James Brookman is a candidate to represent the same ward in the consolidated election in April.

RIck K January 30, 2013 at 12:06 PM
Good work, Mr. Brookman. Uh, I mean, Mr. Brian Bukross, Des Plaines resident. It is thanks to the efforts of private citizens like you that keeps things in order for the great politicians in our town. Maybe we should get together to discuss placing on the ballot a referendum to eliminate city stickers and have the casino pay that tax, instead of having it support "infrastructure", whatever that means.


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