Man Punched, Kicked Outside Rivers Casino

The following arrest information was supplied by the Des Plaines Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

The provided the following report.

Aidas Gaigalas, 22, of Clarendon Hills, and Donatas Rakauskas, 22, of Willowbrook, were charged with aggravated battery following a fight at Rivers Casino, 3000 S. River Road, between 5:52 a.m. and 5:58 a.m. on Aug. 5. Police stated Gaigalas and Rakauskas were seen on casino surveillance video walking past another patron walking in the opposite direction. As they passed, police stated, Rakauskas threw leaves directly in the man’s face and continued walking.

The man turned to Gaigalas and Rakauskas and asked them why they did that. Gaigalas and Rakauskas walked back to the man, when Gaigalas, unprovoked, according to the report, began punching the man.

Police stated the man attempted to defend himself and walk away through the parking lot. Gaigalas ran after him, continued punching him and pulled him to the ground, according to the report. Gaigalas kicked the man repeatedly in the head while Rakauskas watched, laughed and clapped his hands, police stated.

Gaigalas told police, according to the report, he arrived at the casino alone, he was not involved in any confrontations, and he did not know where the fresh blood on his right hand came from.

Police stated video surveillance showed Gaigalas and Rakauskas arrive at the casino at the same time in the same vehicle.

Rakauskas told police, according to the report, he and Gaigalas are close friends because they are both from Lithuania.

Rakauskas told police, according to the report, he threw leaves at the man and he did laugh and clap as Gaigalas beat the man, but Rakauskas said, according to the report, he felt there was nothing wrong with his actions.

Gaigalas and Rakauskas were given a court date of Aug. 10 at Skokie courthouse.


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