FBI: "Elmer Fudd Bandit" Indicted for Four Bank Robberies

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The man referred to by the FBI as the "Elmer Fudd Bandit" has been indicted in four bank robberies and the attempted robbery of a fifth bank in Des Plaines.

Todd Berkley, 40, of Clarskson, Kentucky, was charged with robbing four banks between Oct. 13 and Oct. 29 2012:
  • TCF Bank, 4734 North Cumberland Avenue, Chicago, on Oct. 13
  • Charter One Bank, 4411 North Cumberland Avenue, Norridge, on Oct. 15
  • TCF Bank, 7122 West 40th Street, Stickney, on Oct. 24
  • TCF Bank, 7342 West Foster Avenue, Chicago, on Oct. 29
Berkley also was charged with the attempted robbery of the TCF Bank at 819 South Elmhurst Road, Des Plaines on Oct. 14.

Berkley was arrested in Kentucky in November 2012 and charged with robbing a bank in Louisville on Nov. 1 2012.

The FBI dubbed the suspect in the bank robberies the "Elmer Fudd Bandit" due to the flannel shirts and caps seen on a male suspect in surveillance video.

In the attempted armed robbery in Des Plaines on Oct. 14 the man approached the shift supervisor at the TCF Bank, and said, “Give me all your money or I’ll blow your head off.” He then showed the bank worker a notepad, which stated, according to police, “Give me all your money.”


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