Des Plaines Police: Show of Force to Gangs in Apache Park Area

The Des Plaines police department descended on Apache Park Wednesday in response to the concerns of residents about gang activity.

The Des Plaines police department conducted an "outdoor" rollcall Wednesday night in the Apache Park area as a show of force to any gangs in the area.

Des Plaines Deputy Police Chief Nick Treantafeles said 12 to 15 officers parked their squads in the area and walked the Apache Park area.

"It was a proactive approach," Treantafeles said. "We had a couple of calls from residents concerned that things were heating up in the area."

Treantafeles said the area has been relatively quiet . Recently, however, residents had begun to see graffiti and other signs of possible increased gang activity.

Treantafeles said officers descended on the area at about 7 p.m. As part of the operation, a Chicago Police department helicopter also was brought into the neighborhood and, at times, used its spotlight.

He said that officers were in the Apache Park area for about an hour.


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