Man Who Tried To Hire Hit Men to Appear in Court Thursday

Feds: Zenon Grzegorczyk was arrested after propositioning undercover agents to kill six people.

will appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Thursday afternoon, a spokesman from the U.S. Attorney’s office stated Monday. Zenon Grzegorczyk, 49, is being held in federal custody without bond.

Grzegorczyk had been under investigation since April after approaching a government informant at the end of February or beginning of March about shipping guns to his “group” in Poland, according to the criminal complaint filed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on May 3.

At a second meeting with the informant Grzegorczyk said he wanted approximately 10 more guns for his “group,” according to the complaint.


Two undercover agents posed as gun dealers and went with the informant to meet with Grzegorczyk at an office building in the 6100 block of Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago on April 13, the complaint states. At this meeting Grzegorczyk said he was unhappy with his divorce, and propositioned to pay an undercover agent to kill two women.

The undercover agent discussed how Grzegorczyk wanted the women killed, and Grzegorczyk said, “I got the way,” and held up a lighter and made a poof sound, the complaint states.

In several additional meetings Grzegorczyk provided pictures of, and information about, his intended victims to the undercover agents.

When Grzegorczyk met the undercover agents at a McDonald’s at Irving Park Road and Elston Avenue on May 2, he said he wanted them to kill six people and handed them $3,000 cash as a deposit, the complaint states.

A short time later, Grzegorczyk was arrested and taken into custody, and police seized a handgun and approximately $45,000 cash.

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