Charges Filed Against 22 in Fatal Fraternity Hazing Incident at NIU

Police said drinking game led to the death of freshman David Bogenberger, of Palatine, on Nov. 2, at the Pikes Fraternity House at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb.

Arrest warrants were issued Monday to 22 members of Pikes Fraternity House at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, multiple media sources report.

All the warrants are for hazing crimes in relation to the death of freshman David Bogenberger, of Palatine.

Bogenberger, 19, died after participating in a drinking game at the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity last month, the Chicago Tribune reports. On the night of Nov. 1, Bogenberger went from room to room at the fraternity, answering a series of questions in exchange for vodka and other liquor over a two-hour period, the Tribune story states.

Bogenberger was found dead the next morning in a frat house bed.

Tests found his blood alcohol content was about five times the legal limit for driving of 0.08 percent at the time of his death, the Tribune reports.

DeKalb County Coroner Dennis Miller said Bogenberger had a blood-alcohol content of .351 percent that led to an arrhythmia, the Northern Star is reporting. Miller ruled the death accidental.

Charged with felony hazing, according to the multiple media sources, were:

  • Alexander M. Jandik, 21, of Naperville, fraternity president
  • James P. Harvey, 21, of DeKalb, fraternity vice president
  • Omar Salameh, 21, of DeKalb, fraternity pledge adviser
  • Patrick W. Merrill, 19, of DeKalb, fraternity secretary
  • Steven A. Libert, 20, of Naperville, event planner

According to the Northern Star, arrest warrants for Class A misdemeanor hazing were issued for the following people:

  • Michael J. Phillip Jr., 20, of Western Springs
  • Thomas F. Costello, 20, of Munster, Ind.
  • David R. Sailor, 20, of Princeton
  • Alexander D. Renn, 19, of Naperville
  • Michael A. Marroquin, 20, of Roselle
  • Estevan A. Diaz, 22, of South Beloit
  • Hazel A. Vergaralope, 21, of DeKalb
  • Michael D. Pfest, 23, of Chicago
  • Andres Jiminez Jr., 19, of Glendale Heights
  • Isaiah Lott, 19, of Cupertino, Calif.
  • Andrew W. Bouleanu, 21, of Skokie
  • Nicholas A. Sutor, 19, of DeKalb
  • Nelson A. Irizarry, 19, of DeKalb
  • Johnny P. Wallace, 20, of DeKalb
  • Daniel S. Post, 20, of DeKalb
  • Nsenzi Salasini, 20, of Mount Prospect
  • Russ Coyner, 21, of DeKalb

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