Abused Dogs Given New Home

The dogs previously owned by a Des Plaines man serving 30 months in prison for cruelty were adopted.

The three dogs police took into custody after witnesses reported seeing have all been adopted by new owners.

Chris’ Rescue Angels, based in Missouri, a nonprofit rescue organization that specializes in small dogs, organized the adoptions.

Maria Falco, of Chris’ Rescue Angels, stated in a email to Patch that Teddy, a nine-year-old Lhasa Apso, and Gizmo, a one-year-old Shih Tzu, were adopted together. The third dog, .

“Teddy and Gizmo have been adopted together by a wonderful person; she will spoil and love them the way they should have been,” Falco stated. “What a great lady she is, to open her heart to them.

“I am so happy I can jump out of my skin. It’s a very happy ending for all of them.”

, and was prohibited from owning animals for 20 years by the court.


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Mary Beth August 31, 2012 at 03:43 PM
Great news, especially for the senior dog being adopted with his buddy! What a wonderful soul to adopt them together. Unfortunately, shelters are overflowing with healthy, adoptable dogs & cats, there through no fault of their own. Seniors, large dogs, black dogs and cats, & hounds are often overlooked, languish in shelters, and are the first to be put down. Adopt from your local shelter, don't buy. IL continues to be one of 30 states that still uses the outdated, barbaric gas chamber to euthanize shelter animals, taking as long as 45 minutes to kill. It is not always effective, requiring a 2nd gassing- causing terror, clawing, fighting as animals attempt to escape. VA Congressman Moran has introduced legislation: HR736 to ban gas chambers & replace w/ lethal injection-more humane/cost effective. Please write your legislators today to urge them to support this important & humane resolution.


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