Stop the Killing of the Innocents

A mother who has lost a child urges parents, grandparents to rise up and take action for gun control. A Letter to the Editor.

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Well folks, HERE WE GO AGAIN1I am sick and tired of the mindset of the gun lobby! And our citizens that have fought for and earned the right to carry guns to schools, churches and public meetings!

What has happened to our values? Is it more important to save the lives of innocent children or ensure every damn person the right to bear arms?

Doesn't each child deserve the right to go to school in safety, to be able to grow up and live a life? How much longer are these senseless executions of our young people going to take place?

Murder is NOT a strong enough term. They are being executed. while our president and our congress and all of us stand by, waiting for "the right time" waiting for "somebody else" to do something.

Why doesn't every citizen, every parent, every grandparent, every elected official rise up and protest this idiocy?  How many more sweet, innocent children have to die, before our country, one of the most violent countries in the world, decides to take ACTION! 

I have lost a child. I know the horrible dark, sinking feeling that each of these parents and siblings are now feeling.  Their lives will be shattered for years to come. THEIR LIVES HAVE BEEN EXTRICABLY ALTERED, FOREVER!

Isn't there enough evil in this crazy world already without having to sacrifice our children.

If each of us sits back and waits fort a change to happen, don't be surprised when another evil episode like todays is blasted into our homes and we have to listen to another horrendous account in another, school another movie theatre, another public gathering.We will have only ourselves to blame.


Beverly Copeland

Earl Weiss December 16, 2012 at 11:23 PM
From this tremendous sadness perhaps lessons will be learned and progress made. Your statement " Well folks, HERE WE GO AGAIN1I am sick and tired of the mindset of the gun lobby! And our citizens that have fought for and earned the right to carry guns to schools, churches and public meetings!" Is not accurate. Federal law Gun free school zone act prohibits carry within 1000 feet of school property. Any house of worship or any other private property owner is free to ban guns on their property.
Pat Craig December 17, 2012 at 06:08 PM
It goes without saying that we are all horrified beyond belief at the events that occurred at the Sandy Hook School, Newtown CT on December 14th -- it is beyond comprehension. As a grandparent, it's difficult to imagine what the parents of these children must be going through. Nothing we can do will change that, but our support and prayers are nonetheless required. It's important, however, that we separate the evil act from attempts to "do something." Already, many within the media and within the realm of politics have begun to blend the two, which is despicable. Predictably there is immediate outcry directed towards guns and "gun control", ignoring the fact that here was a mentally deranged individual who probably by any means possible would have secured firearms or other weapons to commit the attrocity, even had law abiding gun ownership been banned. s usual, the knee jerk reaction to a slaying such as occurred in Connecticut is to either a) ban guns or b) rewrite the Second amendment. Both are wrong. #continued
Pat Craig December 17, 2012 at 06:12 PM
Loughner, the Tucson shooter, was clearly psychotic. This was noticed by the school that tossed him out, and by his parents. He was identified as disruptive, intimidating, and violent at the college, so they tossed him out. But, they did not notify any law enforcement offices - they didn't want to get involved. His parents knew of his "shrine" in the backyard, and his erratic behavior, but did not contact law enforcement. So, when Loughner buys a gun, a background check is done, and it comes back clean. A mentally unstable individual gets a gun because the agencies or people that knew he was unstable would not report him. When Columbine occurred, the parents knew their kids were acting erratically, were loners, were dressing in a manacing manner, and were on the school grounds dressing this way, but the school did not report them to the police, nor did the parents, who ignored the arsenal of weapons they had acquired, and used. When Viriginia Tech was assaulted, the shooter was erratic, but the school and his room-mate didn't want to get involved. The stories go on and on. Schools don't want to get involved, so they just push the possible problem off their desks. Parents don't want to think that their child could have problems, so they practice the "Not My Kid" behavior. All of this slaughter could have been avoided if parents had paid attention, and if schools had paid attention, but it's far easier to just blame these acts of mayhem on guns. Foolishness.


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