Opinion: Neighbors Group Lists Concerns with Chase Bank Proposed on Crawford

The Central Street Neighbors Association passed a resolution that details their criticisms of a plan to would allow Chase Bank to build a bank with a drive-through at Crawford Avenue and Gross Point Road.

Evanston aldermen are set to vote Monday night on an ordinance that would allow a developer to build a Chase Bank with a drive-through at 2628 Gross Point Road.

The following resolution was unanimously adopted by the board of directors of Central Street Neighbors Association on Weds. Nov, 7, 2012:

The Board of Directors of Central Street Neighbors Association does not oppose a bank at the current Citgo property but opposes a plan that: 
• does not include the 30' setbacks specifically contemplated for Subarea 6, for both public safety and aesthetic reasons, in the Central Street Master Plan zoning implementation; 
• introduces a commercial parking lot use into a residential neighborhood; and 
• prevents the intended use of the R2 property. 
The Board notes that some of the objections arise only because the proposal does not avail itself of the height allowances and underground parking supported and encouraged by the Master Plan. 
CSNA also supports respecting the values and opinions of residents when expressed by more than 140 neighbors who live in the immediate vicinity of the site. 
Finally, the Board is concerned about the precedent of adding yet another drive-through use to a high-volume intersection. 
We believe that with modifications more consistent with the Central Street Plan and zoning, Chase can still achieve its commercial goals for this parcel and the City can achieve greater revenue from the two parcels.

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millie November 12, 2012 at 02:04 PM
Great location for a branch bank. Can hardly wait to use it. Let the building begin
Lori Keenan November 15, 2012 at 05:36 PM
When will the aldermen of this City begin to listen to the residents?! Oh, that's right, never. Well played, Edgemark. As Jane Jacobs, author and guru of urban planning says, when the banks come in the neighborhoods are done, and no-man's land/zones, such as a parking lot, create dead spaces that serve as a detriment to a walkable/thriving community. I, for one, am insulted by the waste of my time spent in countless meetings about the Central Street Master Plan. If the developer gets away with this, then what's to prevent anyone in the future from buying any residential lot and putting a drive-thru on it?


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