Hartstein Seeks Public's Support for Pension Reform

Letter to the editor

As a strong proponent of meaningful Pension Reform, and being disappointed in the State legislature’s failure to adopt any meaningful structural pension reform this session, I seek to bring people together to push for Pension reform at the earliest possible time. I am asking anyone interested in working with me to help rally public support to contact me by email at elliotthartstein@yahoo.com along with your email and contact information. I am hopeful that there are other people who recognize the importance of quickly working to remedy this significant impact on the state’s fiscal health and its ability to continue to meet the need of citizens throughout the state. I hope to get some people to help ignite significant public support for action.

Please join me to rally public support,

Elliott Hartstein

Former mayor and trustee of Buffalo Grove and a former School Board member at Stevenson High School District 125 and Skokie Elementary District 69

BG Citizen September 17, 2012 at 12:53 AM
Mr Harstein, First I'd like to say that i have long respected the impact that you had on the Village of BG. We are a better community because of your leadership. Although I agree that we need meaningful pension reform for the state of Illinois, I truly believe that the rank and file work has been wrongfully vilified in this effort. These are individuals who have dedicate decades of service to the community in order to be vested. Contrast that to the administrators and politicians who only need to serve one term, and in some cases a little asw a few weeks, to receive their full pension for that position. How can that be considered a reasonable contribution towards the fund? in order for pension reform to be MEANINGFUL it must apply to all levels beginning at the top


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