THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS, PART 1 with Dr. L. Thomas Kolodziej

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Some topics that will be covered:

* Do plants have consciousness? The evolution of Plant consciousness.

* Do plants communicate with each other...and with other Life forms, including people?

* How plants "psychically" pick up your thoughts and the thoughts of other living things.

* How plants manipulate human beings, animals and insects to propagate themselves over the entire planet.

* Do plants think?

* How a person's intention affects plants.

* How being around plants affect your health and your life span.

* What parts of plants can be used for your health.

* Plants and electromagnetism

* How to communicate with a plant.

* How plants respond to sound, music.

* Can plants be grown without light, without soil and without water?

* Kirlian Photography and plants.

* Strange and wonderful facts about plants that you should know to improve your life and health.

* Plant uses for healing.

* How to make plants go back to the form they were in hundreds of thousands of years ago.

* Plants: Part of the Symbiotic continuum: Co-existing with mother earth, animals and humans.


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