Patch Portrait: Defending Against Domestic Violence

This week's Patch Portraits also features Evanston's burger guru and Highland Park's Israeli sculptor.

This week's Patch Portraits were produced and edited by Lisa Cisneros, Philip Downie, Jacob Nelson and Allison Williams. Check back on Mondays for the next installment.

Also showcased, a  and an .

Life Span has been serving victims of domestic violence in the north and northwest suburbs for more than 30 years. Hear from Director of Development Anne Marquez and Domestic Violence Advocate Susana Ocampo about the non-profit organization.

This unique social service organization not only helps victims to identify their situations and build a safety plan, but also offers emotional and legal counseling free of charge.

They provide services in English, Spanish, Polish, Greek and Arabic.

Their mission is to "provide immediate relief" for those who suffer from domestic violence.

Carlos Carrillo April 12, 2011 at 04:39 PM
My last comment about Life Span was censored and removed by the editor, and I'm sure this one will be as well. Its trendy and popular to march to the drumbeat of anything that has the words "violence against women" in title or its mission. But, no one wants to acknowledge the ugly truth that laws that support violence against women promote and fund discrimination against men. Those laws providing funding for organization such as Life Span that misuse those funds to exploit the dysfunctional domestic violence laws to harass and intimidate men who may or may not be guilty of domestic abuse. In my particular case, I was falsely accused of domestic abuse nearly nine years ago. The criminal charge was dismissed. But, Life Span has been representing my ex-wife for free throughout the entire nine years including incidents in which my ex-wife pulled out knives on my children and threatened to stab them. To this very day, Life Span continues to provide publicly-funded legal representation for my ex-wife and continues to misuse the court system to harass me with frivolous motions and petitions and squeeze every penny and every ounce of diginity that they can out of me. The truth needs to be told about the way Life Span is misusing public funds. You can't just allow Life Span to exploit the media and fool the citizens of the state into believing that they are using public funds for a good cause, which they are not.
Laura Nevrenchan April 15, 2011 at 06:53 PM
Thank goodness a place like this exists. :o)


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