John Wayne Gacy: Do Other Victims Lie Undiscovered?

Retired Chicago Police Officer Bill Dorsch believes so.

In a report conducted over six months of research, freelance reporter Chris Maloney opens a discussion as to whether the John Wayne Gacy investigation should be re-opened, as it is specualted that their are more victims whose bodies lie undiscovered, specifically at an apartment complex where Gacy's mother lived and he was a maintenance man.

Maloney provides testimony from retired Chicago Police Officer Bill Dorsch and Patrick Jones, who worked on the original Gacy case as a crime scene investigator with the Cook Country Sheriff’s Office, among others, and also provides case background and the contents of the original search warrant.

“After the thing, I was so fed up with it,” Dorsch says. “I wanted to distance myself from the investigation because the whole thing turned political. And I was being tagged as the cause of everything. But now I want this out there. I’m 66 years old. I could go to my grave and nobody would ever know what happened there. Or I can make it known.”

Click here at shadowreports.com to read the full story.

John C February 14, 2011 at 11:31 PM
This matter should be investigated.


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