Website Design Company Coming to Des Plaines

AmericanEagle.com, a website design company, is moving from Park Ridge to a new space in Des Plaines that is twice its previous size. The company made the Inc. 5,000 as a top company in August of last year.

The City of Park Ridge lost a growing and first rate company to neighboring Des Plaines recently. AmericanEagle.com made the Inc. 5000, a list of the top 5,000 companies in America in August of last year. And no, the company does not make clothing for America's youth.

The business specializes in "comprehensive website for businesses, government agencies and schools, including design, development, hosting and marketing."

Previously located at 1 Northwest Highway, AmericanEagle.com earned $21 million in revenue in 2011. That's about a 25 percent growth from last year, according to data from Inc. 5000.  

The business is now moving its 200 employees to a space that's twice its size - or 60,000 square-feet, at 2600 River Road in Des Plaines.

"Our new office space is much larger than our previous office and presents a more efficient layout," said Mike Svanascini, president and general counsel of Americaneagle.com. "It will support our continued growth and expansion, and provide a better work environment for current and future staff. The move definitely highlights our commitment to our growing client base. We look forward to starting the New Year in this exciting new work environment and will host an open house to formally introduce the new space soon."

For more info on the company, check out their website, here.


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