N.F.L.’s Helmet Agreement with Riddell in Rosemont Challenged

Riddell Sports is the official helmet manufacturer and is the only one that can display its logo, which has been criticized due to safety concerns, the New York Times reported.

Players in the N.F.L. can choose to wear whichever helmet they want, as long as its certified by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, but the only brand that is allowed to display its logo is Riddell Sports, 9801 W. Higgins Road in Rosemont, the New York Times reported. That’s because Riddell Sports is the official helmet manufacturer of the N.F.L.

Critics say the safety requirements for helmets need to be updated to improve safety for the players’ heads, necks and spines, the New York Times reported. Further, critics argue, the agreement with Riddell may also lead to players choosing helmets based on how they look, or an older model.

The N.F.L. conducted a series of tests on modern helmets in 2010, ESPN Magazine reported. Some argued the testing did not simulate football collisions adequately.

Editor's note: A previous version of this story stated the address 9801 W. Higgins Road was located in Des Plaines. The address is actually located in Rosemont.

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