Des Plaines of Yesterday Recognizable on Miner Street after 60 Years

The downtown area still revolves around transportation.

The businesses have changed, and a few buildings have disappeared, but downtown's core still is centered on the , between Pearson and Lee streets.

This picture, taken in the mid-1950s, captures a time when angled parking was still allowed on the north side of Miner Street and parallel parking along the south side. There was also a large green space with a colonnade of .

Many of the buildings on the north side of the street still look much the same.

The Kunisch building was then a currency exchange, now Teresa Tailor.

The next building was then Frank's Apparel, and is soon to be home to .


Next door was the .

Following the line, the next building was the Winkelman Recreation Parlor building, longtime home to  and demolished to make way for .

The building next door was the Manuel Block, removed for a park that was later folded into the Metropolitan Square development.

Next is the familiar , then (now ), (now ), Toy & Hobby House (vacant), and Des Plaines Realty ().  The block ends with the venerable .

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