Des Plaines Flower Shop Replants on Lee Street

New space has “more homey” feel and will offer outdoor plants.

One of the lone holdouts in the largely vacant Metropolitan Square, , has left the complex and relocated about two blocks north. Krystyna Swiderski, owner, opened in the space at 1519 Market St. at the beginning of 2010, and relocated to 540 Lee St. on April 1.

The new location is on the first floor of a house that’s been converted into commercial space. The square footage is slightly more than the Market Street space, but Swiderski said she decided to move there primarily because it was a nicer space.

“I just like the feel better,” Swiderski said.

Swiderski declined to confirm whether rent cost was a significant factor in her choice to relocate.

Patch has reported that .


While the feel of the new Flower Art Studio is different because it’s a retrofitted house instead of a modern mall storefront, there are some design elements that connect it with the previous space, most notably the royal blue walls. Swiderski said she had to convert an office space used by a private investigator in to a flower studio.

During March she had wood floors installed, the walls painted and other cosmetic alterations to suit her business. Swiderski said, while she’s continuing to serve customers and transition her business to the new locale, she plans to officially open the new studio after a number of formalities are complete including transferring the business license, getting permits and unpacking.

Swiderski was excited about the new space for her business, which currently focuses on weddings and other events. She’s going to offer decorative floral outdoor plants, flats of flowers and decorative accents for indoors and outdoors inside and outside the studio. There’s even an enclosure on one side of the house, which, Swiderski said, might be used for other types of hanging plants.

With a giant grin, Swiderski said her new studio space was more interesting than the Metropolitan Square address.

“It’s more homey,” she said.

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