Barnes & Noble Card Readers Hacked; Skokie OK

Hackers stole credit card data from 63 stores around the country by hacking into PIN pads. The Barnes & Noble stores in Evanston, Deer Park and Deerfield had breached data.


The Barnes & Noble store at 1630 Sherman Ave. in Evanston was among 63 stores around the country where credit card data stored on PIN pads was hacked, according to the company. 

Barnes & Noble released a list of stores where data was breached on Tuesday; other stores in Illinois include two in Chicago, one in Crystal Lake, on in Deer Park, one in Deerfield and one in West Dundee.

In Skokie, the Old Orchard store and the Village Crossing store (Village Crossing is half in Skokie and half in Niles) were not on the list. Neither were the stores in Schaumburg, Arlington Heights or Oakbrook Center.

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The company inspected every PIN pad in the nearly 700 stores nationwide and has discontinued use of all its PIN pads on Sept. 14, according to a press release from the bookseller. Barnes & Noble described the hacking as “a sophisticated criminal effort to steal credit card information, debit card information, and debit card PIN numbers from customers who swiped their cards through PIN pads when they made a purchase.” 

The federal government is also investigating the crime, according to Barnes & Noble.

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According to Barnes & Noble, purchases on the company’s website, on NOOKs and NOOK mobile apps remain secure.

Customers who swiped their cards at any of the Barnes & Noble stores affected are encouraged to change the PIN numbers on their debit cards, review their accounts for unauthorized transactions and notify banks immediately if they find anything suspicious. 

A full list of the 63 affected stores can be found on Barnes & Noble’s website.

Cynthia Florsheim January 31, 2013 at 03:41 AM
I would miss Barnes &noble at village crossing. I hope it doesn't close. I thought that the Nook would save the store. First Borders now Narnes&noble! It's terrible.


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