Story Of Unexpected Parenthood Is A 'Keeper'

When man's former love interest dies, he's forced to raise a child he never knew he had.

Jimmy Keeper leads a quiet life selling things online that he finds at estate sales.   He has recently found love with his new girlfriend Leah.  But his life is turned upside down with the news that his old love Cynthia has passed away unexpectedly and left a young son that Keeper never knew about in this heartwarming story of unexpected parenthood, love, and new beginnings.

Keeper is a good, kind person but he has left many aspects of his life unresolved.   He and Cynthia never really ended things and he may still have feelings for her, so he is quite taken aback when he first sees Leo and observes how much he resembles his mother. 


Leo is a sweet child and the author accurately depicts the fears and insecurities a young child has when thrust into a completely different situation.  And Keeper must give up his casual, laid-back lifestyle which had previously included no firm plans except his Sunday “card night” with Tim, his best friend and business partner.

Keeper has no idea how to take care of a young child.  Leo likes only “round” food so he eats lots of cheerios!  Keeper eventually turns to his own parents for help after Leo’s day care teacher firmly tells him that he needs to learn how to parent.  Previously, he has kept his distance from his mother and father but now he realizes how much he needs their advice and guidance.   The author makes the point that we are all amateurs when it comes to raising a child.

While Keeper and Leo are adjusting to each other Leah has become restless and turns to another man for affection. Leah eventually must decide if she can live with Keeper and his son since she had always thought she did not want children.  She is an architect, used to precision and structure and had previously ended a long-term relationship because she did not want children.

For Keeper, getting to know his son and learning to care for him is a turning point in his life and he is forced to grow up in this coming of age story.  This touching novel is available for checkout at the Niles Public Library District.

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