Oscar Snubs and Scores: Film Critic Reacts

Cecilia Cygnar, film specialist at the Niles Library and film critic for Niles-Morton Grove Patch, discusses what was worthy, and what the Academy missed, on the Oscar nominations in this Q&A.


Like movies? Then you probably agree and disagree with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nominations for the Oscar awards. You aren't the only one. Niles-Morton Grove Patch chatted with Cecilia Cygnar, film specialist at the Niles Library. Cecilia also reviews movies for Niles-Morton Grove Patch.

What was your general reaction to the Oscar nominations?

They left out of lot of key nominations that I thought were shoo-ins…such as the ones that everyone is talking about…Ben Affleck and Kathryn Bigelow for Best Director. 

What did you expect, and what was a surprise?

I expected pretty much what they gave…aside from the two snubs I mention above.  I did think that "Lincoln" would get a lot, which it did.  I guess I was a little surprised with how many LIFE OF PI got.  There was not that much buzz around that one.  

Are there some films you haven't seen yet but hope to see before Oscar night?  (As for myself, I've seen Les Miz, Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln, and thought all were of impeccable quality, though I thought Lincoln was definitely more cerebral and didn't hit me with the same emotional punch as the other two.)

With getting sick, I am VERY behind this year.  But, the musts I want to see are the Best Picture noms.  I usually try to see as many of those as I can before the Oscars.  This year, I have EIGHT to see.  Yes, 8!  So I might not make it. 

Who got jilted? In other words, who should have gotten a nomination but did not?

Aside from Affleck and Bigelow, a lot of people thought Leonardo DiCaprio would get a nod for "Django Unchained".  I’m not that big of a DiCaprio fan and I didn’t see the movie, so I really am not the one to comment.  I would have loved to see Judi Dench for "Skyfall," but I assumed that would have been a longshot. 

Why does the Academy always honor some films that have a limited release and that most Americans have never heard of (i.e., you'd like to catch it in a theater but don't want to drive 45 minutes to see it).

Because NYC and LA are still the places the entertainment industry revolves around.  As long as people in those cities have access, it’s acceptable.  No, it is not fair, but that’s Hollywood! 

What new up and coming actors, directors, etc., are worthy of attention in this Oscar field?

I was very happy to see that little 9-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis nominated for BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD.  Of all of the films I’m been hearing buzz about, that is the biggest one.  EVERYONE who I know who has seen it loves it.  

I hear the Academy made its Oscar announcements two weeks earlier than usual. What impact will that have on movie audiences in places like Niles, Morto Grove and Park Ridge?

Well, since we at the library are not doing any Oscar-related programming this year…because of the remodel…I think the only impact here is that people have more time to see more of the movies.  And, of course, make their picks in our annual PICK THE WINNERS contest. 

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Glenn Posner January 16, 2013 at 02:12 PM
Best Male Supporting Actor, Tommy Lee Jones in "Lincoln" (in my humble view).


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