Baked Apple Muffins

Chef Susan Maddox of Le Titi de Paris demonstrates how to make a super easy holiday dessert that looks like it took all night. Watch the video to see how to make Baked Apples stuffed with fresh, moist muffins.

Baking muffins directly in apples looks amazing and will win you all kinds of kitchen credibility. No one needs to know just how easy it is.

For this recipe you'll need 6-8 apples (feel free to either buy a bag or mix and match at your grocery store) and a .99 cent box of your favorite muffin mix. In the video, she demonstrates how to core an apple using your choice of spoon, melon baller, or ice cream scoop. Mix up your muffin batter to package directions, stuff it in the apple, and bake it to package directions. The apple bakes nicely around the muffins while keeping them deliciously moist.

As a variation, Chef Maddox suggested cutting pears in half, coring them, and stuffing them with cranberry muffin mix. A mix of green and red skinned pears looks great on a holiday table. 


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