Maine Township Officials Seek Answers from County for Flood Problems

Officials from Maine Township recently met with members of the Cook County Planning and Development Department. 

They called the meeting to discuss the flooding issues in Maine Township and to investigate what assistance the County could provide in flood mitigation.

Shown here, l to r, are Supervisor Carol  A. Teschky, Office of Emergency Management Director Robert Cohen,  Highway Commissioner Robert Provenzano,  Director of Cook County Planning &  Development Michael Jasso,  Deputy Director of Planning & Development Jane Hornstein, and Deputy Director of Planning & Development Dominic Tocci.


“We are being very proactive in seeking solutions to the range of flooding concerns throughout Maine Township,” says Teschky. “The solutions are costly and must involve multiple agencies at the local, county and even state levels. We will not stop until flooding is no longer a problem in our area.”

Regular Guy January 29, 2014 at 08:12 AM
Leave it to Carol and the township to be leading the way on finding real solutions to a terrible problem in our area. Please keep working on it. We need your help.


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